Why Beers Around Me

It began as a demonstration piece for our portfolio.  At Planet Telex, we regularly help our customers realize their mobile app solutions, but unfortunately confidentiality agreements and other legal restrictions prevent us from showcasing these apps as a demonstration of our abilities.  So when we had a little extra time, we asked everyone on the team for an app idea, one we could submit to the App Store and Play Store and finally put something out there we could share with potential clients.

The concept for Beers Around Me came up rather quickly during these sessions, but the “big data” logistical problem was apparent to us from the start.  Sp we tried to come up with an alternate idea we could get as excited about. The problem with that is that we are Coloradans, and our home in Denver is one of the premiere beer cities in the U.S. Also, we’re beers nerds. Put it this way: we know when and where the next keg of Paradox will be tapped, and treat that event much like a rock concert coming to town.

So once it was out there it was kinda inevitable, we wanted to build this beer app.  Naturally, we surveyed the competition.  We’re not the first to have this idea, or even the first to execute it.   But as any entrepreneur knows, the existence of competition shouldn’t stop you from building the product you want.  It does mean though, that you should think long and hard about how your approach is different and why you can do better.  We have done this and believe we have an approach to this problem that will ultimately be more effective and easier to use than similar offerings on the market.

But wait. Now we’re competing with real businesses, with real business models, that are designed to generate profit.  A demo can’t compete with that. Only a real product can stand up to these other substantial products.  That means that we have indeed built a business model around the app. We have a roadmap and a marketing strategy.  In short, we’re become bona-fide. What began as more or less a marketing tool for Planet Telex has evolved into a full blown division of our company.

These are all developments we’ve embraced as our first version has come together.  We’ve been getting good feedback from early testers, and the potential of the product has us all excited.  Soon the app will be debuting on the App Store and the Play Store.  The end goal we first set for ourselves. Except now that goal has turned into step one of a much longer journey.

We have many features planned to ultimately make Beers Around Me the premiere beer app on the marketplace but aren’t losing sight of the clarity of our mission: to catalog all the beers available at bars, restaurants, and brewpubs in the world and keep them up-to-date in real time. That is ambitious to be sure, but it is doable in our era of big data. With the right combination of data aquisition strategies and technologies we believe this is a nut we can crack.

It won’t happen overnight, and it won’t always be perfect, but at every step of the way we plan to offer more and more value for our fellow beer lovers . Oh, and it will always be a free download.  We hope that Beers Around Me will find a place in the life of every beer lover, and that the greater community will embark on this journey with us.

Here’s to a long life, a merry one, and that there will always be a good beer nearby!